As my bio stated, I'm partial to the coast and it's landscapes,wildlife, and the old shrimpers. I never tire of waiting to see what the sunrise/sunset will hold. I use both Canon and Sony digital cameras. I especially love the wild horses of the Outer Banks!
Nature/Landscapes        slide show
My nature and landscape images were taken from North Carolina to the Bahamas. The outerbank coast proves to be my favorite!

Animals/Critters        slide show
My favorite subjects! Geez, even my husband wants to come back he says in his next life as one of my Critters!

Boats/Shrimpers        slide show
The coastal fishing communities seem to be fading away along with their fish houses and old shrimpers, scallopers, and oyster crafts....The old boats just touch my heart.

Coastal Waterfowl/Birds        slide show
I could spend hours just watching these amazing creatures...

Browse All Photos        slide show
Footprints        slide show
I decided one day to see how many different footprints I could photograph and try to figure out who/what they belonged to!!Most all of these were found on Cedar Island.

People        slide show
Most of the time I am out and about in nature waiting and watching for that great shot of landscapes, critters of any type, but I also love capturing fun and casual pics of people too!!

Travel/Misc        slide show

Banker Ponies        slide show
Wild horses have been on the Outer Banks since the 16th century. It is said their ancestors originated from Spain. The horses swam ashore from the sinking ships off of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Black and Whites        slide show
As a fan of Ansel Adams, I love Black and Whites.. they have a heart of their own


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